Spirit of the Heart

Corten steel, painted 168″x108″x60″ 1990 Golden Eagle Memorial Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Kempton, Pennsylvania

The Five Sisters

Welded steel rods 60″x45″x12″ 1995 Bausch & Lomb Wintergarden, Rochester, NY

Fawn II

Stainless steel, painted 33″x27″x22″ White Haven Memorial Park, Fairport, New York 2007

Fawn II

33″x27″x22″ stainless steel, painted White Haven 2007

Dancing Crane

Mild steel, painted 108″x108″x48″ 1992 Seneca Park Zoo, Rochester, New York

Winged Regalia

Mild steel 108″x60″x12″ 1999 Linden Oaks Business Park, Rochester, New York

Whooping Crane

Mild steel, painted 108″x108″x60″ Bausch & Lomb Wintergarden, Rochester, New York 1998