My parents were avid ornithologists.

While growing up, at the drop of a hat, they would leave home for any corner of the globe to see a rare bird.

Through osmosis, I gleaned my love of birds and all creatures from this constant influence from my parents’ passion and involvement with nature.



The Making of the Panther

Interview with WXXI: Snow Geese Sculpture

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The wildlife sculptures I create are more than art made of steel or bronze rods. They represent a powerful connection to and understanding of the grand forces of nature.
From interior natural images, to exterior sculptures, all of my works are based on unique and intricate patterns of realistic animation that capture a timeless strength of spirit and intensity of aliveness. They are an announcement, a reminder, a heralding of our natural heritage. I find great peace in the darkness that welding provides. There is a necessity for great focus and awareness at every moment. The welding of thousands of tiny rods creates a network of animated light which gives the sculpture a spirited vibrance, developing the right line to give the creature breath and life, striking the right resonance. Then I leave off and, following the sculpture’s lead, await with great anticipation this newfound expression.
In an age of extinction, I believe this is a poignant, crucial time. A time to reflect on the basic philosophical questions surrounding life and death, as well as beauty and harmony, not only of our endangered wildlife, but also of our own fragile selves. We must understand our interconnectedness and responsibility to the earth—we are together in a vast web with other innumerable and necessary species. I pray we teach ourselves and our children to be both knowledgeable and vigilant stewards of our natural home. I am forever grateful for the support and inspiration of my mother and father, sister, and two brothers. Thanks to them, I have found the insight and courage to remind people, through my sculpture, of the beautiful world that surrounds us in nature.